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Here at the Diamond Wheelhub, we can get your alloy wheels looking as good as new! 

At The Diamond Wheelhub, we pride ourselves on being the best. This means delivering the best in every area of our business – from outstanding customer service the moment you contact us to great results when you get your wheels back in top condition. The main reason you’d want to get your alloy wheels refurbished is to repair any damage they’ve sustained. For instance, you may have scratched or scraped them after misjudging where the curb was when parallel parking, or they may be blighted by a layer of corrosion. We also offer a 12 month guarantee on all refurbishments!

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment - What is the process?

Customers are able to bring a single alloy wheel for us to process or their entire car.  The Diamond Wheelhub do not simply provide spot repairs or temporary patches, we provide the best finish in the market place today.

We can strip your wheels of all existing paint and then prepare the surface for the specialist paint process. We will then apply a hard wearing base coat, a colour powder and then a specialist acrylic top coat designed to protect your alloy. 

Diamond Cutting Alloy Wheels - What is the process? 

Diamond cutting wheels involves the process of removing a thin layer of alloy from the surface of the wheel to produce a high shine polished finish which upon close inspection resembles the finish on a cd


We have state of the art technology, as well as impressive machinery including....















Skilled staff

We have invested in qualified staff who have had in depth training as well as years of experience so that you can be certain your wheels are in knowledgable and professional hands. Please click here to read more about our team. 

Fast and Efficient

We aim to fix up to 4 alloy wheels in a day (depending on the extent of the repair), we then leave the lacquer to dry overnight for you to come get your freshly repaired alloy wheels the next day! 


Collection and Delivery 

We offer a collection and delivery service subject to availability at an additional  £1 per mile but we only collect and deliver within a 25 mile radius 

For top notch alloy and diamond cut wheel repairs why not get your alloy wheels repaired with us now! 

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